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Featured Car

1964 Lincoln Continental


Owner: Alen Khanyan

Car: 1964 Lincoln Continental 4-Door Convertible

Engine: 7.0 liter V8

Color: Whimbledon White

Upholstery: Tuxedo Interior

This featured car is Cruise Night's 2018 Mayor's Award winner.

The 1964 Lincoln Continental is the epitome of a classic luxury car. Its elegant presense is distinguishable even today and few can deny its importance and significance in transportation history. It was easily one of the decade's styling landmarks and would be on the Mount Rushmore of vehicles.

Alen bought the car in 2014 from its original owner in Indiana, He and his dad rebuilt it themselves at their family body shop in Glendale. The car has been fully restored (all original), so it looks like it did the day it left the factory. This 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible is 1 of 3,000. It's a 4-door convertible with "suicide doors". The Lincoln Continental is also known for being President John F. Kennedy's limousine of choice and the car he was tragically assassinated in.

This is truly a luxury car ahead of its time. The car offers a very smooth ride and floats down the road effortlessly. It goes without saying this is one of the most beautiful, timeless, and rare classic luxury cars ever made.

If you would like to rent and/or be chauffeured in this fine automobile, please contact:

IG: @continental_rentals or (818) 355-3455

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