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1971 Heavy Chevy

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Owner: Aram Kazazian

Car: 1971 Heavy Chevy
Engine: 572 Cubic Inch Stroker
Color: Orange with Black Stripes

Upholstery: Black


The Heavy Chevy was introduced in 1971 and discontinued in 1972. To most living now in the 21th Century, they would think "Heavy" would mean this must have been a behemoth of a car. Actually it was lighter in lbs than the Chevelle SS and only had a curb weight of around 3,300 lbs. The name "Heavy" was a product of the times. Since the Heavy Chevy was aimed right at the youth market, one of the favorite slang terms of the time was "heavy" which meant something was good, excellent, brilliant, and in some cases unbelievable. It was indeed the perfect name for this base-level performance car.


Aram began restoring Chevy Chevelles approximately 27 years ago. Over that time he has restored 20 cars and has another 10 in various degrees of completion. Aram’s custom Heavy Chevy took three years to restore. It has a 572 cubic inch stroker motor, a turbo 400 transmission, 12 bolt posi traction rear end, a March Performance pully system and Baer Brakes. He will proudly display the car in this years Cruise Night where Aram has been showing his cars for over a decade.

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