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1930 Ford Model A Pickup 

Model A Pickup #4.jpg

Owner: Kirk MacDonald 

Car: 1930 Model A Pickup 
Engine: L-Head Inline 4 Cylinder 201 cu in 
Color: Thorne Brown over Stone Brown with Black Fenders and Straw Wheels 

Upholstery: Black

Today, we hop in a new truck, turn the key or push a button, put it in drive and off we go.  Ninety years ago, someone climbed in this truck, manually set the ignition timing, throttle, gas, air fuel mixture, ignition switch and choke.  Then pushed the starter button, adjusted the timing after the engine started, double clutched the three speed non-synchromesh manual transmission and drove away.  

The pickup was the subject of a year long, nationwide search.  Kirk discovered this pickup in Clovis, California and the jewel immediately found its new home in Southern California.  Restored in 2015, its stock except for the additions of the overdrive for highway cruising and a few safety items(rear bumper, turn signals, seat belts) it is all original.  The colors are Ford Model A colors.  The engine pumps out 40 horsepower.  Ventilation is enhanced by a straight windshield that opens from the bottom.  

The pickup is a regular driver for Kirk.  He drives it to get groceries, plants, lumber and all sorts of goods (all or most items that had not been invented when the Model A was brand new).  The pickup is fun to drive for Kirk and he is often greeted with a smile, thumbs up or wave from passersby.  


Kirk plans to celebrate the centenary of his Ford Model A pickup at Cruise Night.  

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Model A Pickup 2.JPG
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