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1965 Plymouth Fury 3

Fury #2.jpg

Owner: Ron Izuno

Car: 1965 Plymouth Fury III

Engine: 440 "Stroker"

Color: Imperial Orange

Upholstery: White


In 1965 Chrysler “C” body full sized cars made a comeback and the full sized Plymouth line included three special Fury's. The Fury I, Fury II, and the Fury III. The Fury I was marketed  to police and taxi fleets or sold to private customers that wanted a basic, no-frills full-sized car.  The Fury II and Fury III were progressive upgrades from the Fury I in trim, specifications and equipment. Many Sport Fury models (as well as the Fury III models) came loaded with such options as automatic transmissions, power steering, white sidewall tires, stereo radios, vinyl tops and air conditioning.


Ron purchased the Fury III online in Kentucky and had it shipped out to Southern California in 2003 for a complete restoration. The car was a factory 4 speed with a 383 engine, no power steering, brakes or air conditioning.  Anyone at that time that was restoring Mopars were all interested in “B” bodied cars such as the Cuda, Road Runners, Challengers and GTX’s. Wanting to be different, Ron embarked on this restoration but did not take into consideration that replacement parts were not available from a catalog.  Searching online and in junk yards in the deep south, Ron finally finished his quest in 2013. Ron has tried his best to keep it as period as possible, maintaining the “Old School” muscle car look of the 60’s & 70’s.

Check out this muscle car at Cruise Night which is now fitted with a 493 “Stroker” motor putting out close to 600 horsepower. 

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