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1971 Honda Vamos

Honda #4.jpg

Owner: Megumi Nagata

Car: 1971, Honda Vamos

Engine: 354cc

Color: Green

Upholstery: Black and red (original stock seats)


During the 1970’s light, rugged utility cars were very popular with the public in Europe. Vehicles in this category included the Volkswagen Thing, the Citroën Méhari, the Mini Moke and this model, the Honda Vamos. Manufacturers seemed to have similar ideas for these cars: take an existing model, strip it down to its most basic components and market it as “rugged” and “fun”. Many of these Jeep-like vehicles were sold as convertibles and most had light off-road capabilities. (


Megumi’s Honda Vamos is two-wheel drive and was only 1 of 2,500 sold in Japan. Its 354cc engine is shared with Honda’s Kei class truck, the TN360. While the two-cylinder, air-cooled engine only puts out 30hp, the Vamos has a payload capacity of 220kg (about 440 pounds), and could seat up to 4 people. The instruments and switches are sealed for dust and water due to the open-cab configuration and the folding top allows for a variety of cargo-carrying options. The car paint and body work was restored but most of the car parts are original.

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