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1970 Volkswagen Transporter


Owner: Daryl Topalian

Car: 1970 Volkswagen Transporter

Engine: 1600 Dual Port 

Color: White

Upholstery: Tan with Mexican Blanket Accent Colors.

Car Name: Harmony 


By the era of the 1969-1971 Volkswagen Bus, VW's lovable, adaptable rear-engine box had become iconic on America's highways and in its driveways. It had gained acceptance among suburban families, carpoolers and of course, counterculture types. The passenger-carrying Station Wagon model of the Volkswagen Bus had long been a favorite of the young, young-at-heart, and "hippy vans" painted up in psychedelic designs were a fixture of the 1960's. By 1971, Detroit had responded to the Volkswagen Bus with a new crop of competitors. In its April 1971 issue, Motor Trend compared a Volkswagen Bus Station Wagon model against the Chevy Sportvan, plus a Dodge Royal Sportsman B300 and a Ford Chateau Club Wagon.  Although many of the domestic rivals won in sheer size and power, Motor Trend concluded, "For everyday driving, though, our staff still preferred the VW van over the rest of the group." (Auto Editors of Consumer Guide)


Meet Harmony. She is Daryl’s 1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter.  She is an original Southern California bus purchased in Long Beach by a professor from Cal State Long Beach. Daryl is now the proud owner since 2017. The bus was rough when Daryl got it. It was holding her standard height with beat up bumpers and a shaggy carpet inside with weathered curtains. Since purchasing Harmony, he lowered her 2.5 inches with drop spindles, fixed and painted the original bumpers and wheels, clayed, waxed and polished the exterior paint, installed original Pedro roof racks, new weather stripping and recently installed disc brakes. Harmony is named after Daryl’s mom's last words before she passed away in 2015. His mom loved VW's, especially her 1971 VW bus. In fact, Daryl and his father recently restored their 1968 Volkswagen Type 1 Sedan (Bug). Harmony brings smiles and joy as she travels the streets and highways. People love looking at all the fun stickers and Harmony is never shy about welcoming a thumbs up, a "hang loose" wave, or even a photo shoot.

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