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1968 Dodge Dart GT

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Owner: Stephen Ruiz

Car: 1968 Dodge Dart GT

Engine: Slant 6/225 aka Leaning Tower of Power

Color: Metallic Forest Green

Upholstery: Black 

Car Name: Grandpa Dart

Stephen's grandparents bought the car back in September 1968 as a Limited Edition GT trim package with A/C. It originally came with low-back seats, but Stephen's grandfather was over 6 ft. tall,  so the salesman did a "dealer op" and swapped the seats out for high-back bucket seats. The op was only one of about 200 that were built that way.  Stephen inherited the car when his grandfather passed away in 1985.  The transmission has been rebuilt twice, but the motor and drivetrain are still the original.  The car has over 434K miles and still driving today and making memories.    


The Dart name originally appeared on a 1956 Chrysler show car featuring a streamlined body designed by the Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Ghia that was later modified and renamed the Dart Diablo. The production Dodge Dart was introduced as a lower-priced, full-size Dodge.  Come out to Glendale Cruise Night to see the metallic green Dodge Dart on display, looking shiny and show ready.  


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