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1959 Volkswagen Beetle

VW Bug 8.jpg

Owner: Esteban Villareal

Car: 1959 Volkswagen Beetle

Engine: 1641 with Dual Solex Carburetor

Color: Ocean Blue

Upholstery: Completely restored in Light Blue

Car Name: Blue Eyes

Esteban purchased his 1959 Volkswagen Beetle in 2008 and has kept it all original except for replacing the engine, fresh new rims and tires.  

The Volkswagen Beetle is iconic.  The mere site invokes thoughts of bonfires on the beach and playing slug bug on road trips.  A blast from the past, the Beetle is a car you can easily maintain, drives economically and is dependable. Originally built in Germany in the late 30's, the Volkswagen quickly rose in popularity in the 60's in the U.S.  which helped establish  the air-cooled, rear engine car as part of the American landscape.  The front and rear windows were enlarged to give drivers better views out of the car while driving down scenic roads like Route 66 and Pacific Coast Highway.   Esteban says that since he has had the classic car it has not given him any trouble and he has made it his daily driver.  

Esteban likes to refer to his car as "California Style" and nothing has been more "Californian" since the avocado.  Esteban has enjoyed the classic beetle with his wife on romantic dates, camping trips with his family and at Americas pastime, baseball games.  

Esteban enjoys his VW Beetle and has fun showing off "Blue Eyes" at Cruise Night each year! 

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